Every Bride can Look like a Movie Star for their Wedding, so here is how you can do it:

1. Don’t try to look like anyone else but yourself. Keep your hairstyle & makeup the same.

2. Relax and smile naturally with big eyes.

3. Laugh a bit and have fun with the shots.

4. Keep your eyes on your spouse and think romantic thoughts.

5. Don’t look in the camera, concentrate on others.

6. Ask for an Engagement Session. It gives both of you the chance to see what angles and light are best for you.

7. Practice smiling in the mirror.

8. Wear comfortable but flattering clothes for your engagement shoot.

9. Drop your shoulders and raise your chin to look thinner.

10. Keep hairspray close by to keep your hair behaving.

11. Have your shoulders tilted toward the camera.

12. Make sure the photographer shoots you at eye level or above.

13. Put your outside hand on your hip to make your arms thinner and a sexy look.

14. Keep your weight on your back foot and angle your outside foot toward the camera.

15. Ask to have indoor shots taken by a window for more flattering natural light.

16. Make sure that the reception area is well-lit for the best photos.

17. Keep a good amount of light on the dance floor for great action shots.

18. For sunny outdoor shots, close your eyes until the photographer counts down and then open them.

19. Accept yourself as the beautiful bride that you are and enjoy the attention.

20. Stay happy and have fun for the entire day. The time goes so quickly, so savor the moment.

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