There are several new trends in colors and styles that will be popular for bridesmaids dresses. Here are some of those:

  1. Rainbow pastel colors – Having each bridesmaid wear a different color in muted tones can better accent their skintone and hair color.
  2. Tea Length dresses – ┬áLonger and more formal than the shorter knee length styles, the tea length are good for afternoon and evening receptions as well as both formal and semi-formal affairs.
  3. One shoulder – While being just as sexy as the strapless dress, the one shoulder strap will offer more support for many different body types.
  4. Cap Sleeves – If you are need a bit more support, then the cap sleeve dress is the better alternative, yet still showing off your curves.

The most important thing to remember is to ENJOY the wedding day. Whether you are a bridesmaid or the bride, the day goes by so fast and by keeping a positive outlook, you will look beautiful in your photos. Every bride looks wonderful on her wedding day, so if you keep that smile on your face for the day, you will radiate that joyous glow to everyone. And if you want to change up your look, try the supermodel sexy stare look for a romantic exotic appearance. Your new husband will love it and so will you. Whatever you do, enjoy the time and have fun!