Your wedding is the most important day of your life and probably the most demanding on your ability to create a sound plan. With all of the action taking place, many couples (and photographers) forget to capture some of the highlights of the special day. Unfortunately, they’ll discover this long after the vows are exchanged – somewhere between the trip home from the honeymoon and writing thank you cards. The list below will ensure that every special aspect of your wedding will be forever captured in images.
1. Bride getting ready
2. Bride with her mother
3. Bride with her father
4. Bride with her parents
5. Bride with bridesmaids and flower girl
6. Bride leaving the house
7. Bride getting out of the car
8. Groom with ushers
9. Groom walking down the aisle and/or at the altar
10. Flower girl walking down the aisle
11. Ring bearer walking down the aisle
12. Bride walking down the aisle
13. Bride being given away
14. Groom meeting the bride on the aisle
15. Bride and groom at the altar
16. View of everyone at the altar during the ceremony
17. Musicians playing
18. The ring exchange
19. The candle lighting
20. The kiss
21. Bride and groom coming up the aisle
22. The receiving line
23. Bride and groom outside
24. Guests throwing flower petals, birdseed, etc.
25. Bride and groom in car
26. Invitation close-up
27. Escort card table
28. Favors on table
29. Bouquet and centerpieces close-ups
30. Bride and groom before going inside
31. Bride and groom with her parents
32. Bride and groom with his parents
33. Bride and groom with both sets of parents
34. Bride and groom with their grandparents
35. Bride and groom with attendants
36. Couple with her family
37. Couple with his family
38. Bride and groom entering the reception
39. Bride and groom’s dance
40. Bride dancing with her father
41. Groom dancing with his mother
42. Guests on the dance floor
43. Musicians playing
44. Best man’s toast
45. Bride and groom talking with guests
46. The cake table
47. Bride and groom cutting the cake
48. Throwing the bouquet
49. Catching the bouquet
50. Bride and groom waving good-bye

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