Many couples are worried about the current Virus Pandemic circling the Earth. Here are a few items that might be impacted and what you should do to keep your wedding as worry-free as possible:

  1. Dress Shopping – there is a backlog of most wedding dresses made in China of up to 3-4 months delay. To overcome this, look for domestic dresses or a dressmaker who can create a dress for you at a reasonable price. Another option is to try on dresses that are in stock in a different style.
  2. Reception Venues – there is a fear that guests might cancel at the last moment or might not want to travel. Then couples are stuck paying for empty seats. Do you cancel or postpone? I recommend that you postpone or reduce the size of your wedding if it is in the next 3 months. Cancelling will almost certainly cost you much more, as you will not get back deposits or subsequent payments.
  3. Honeymoon trips – if you are going away between now and late June, check with your airline and hotels to see if they allow cancellations or postponements. Also, most travel insurance policies only cover if YOU or spouse is sick, not for fear of traveling to virus-contaminated areas.
  4. Closed Venues – did you book a hall that has either closed or went bankrupt this year? If you have paid most or all of your invoice, you might have trouble booking another facility. I suggest either working with a smaller venue or using public spaces, such as Metroparks pavilions. Several halls have offered reduced rates or multiple payment options for those couples who have lost money at closed facilities.
  5. Confirm with wedding vendors – call and email all your suppliers to verify that they are still available for your wedding and are taking necessary precautions in keeping everything sanitary. If you plan to downsize your guest list, let them know NOW, so they can make any changes and can advise you how that will affect your bills.