With state guidelines changing and new COVID-19 cases increasing, many couples are pondering delaying their wedding to the FALL or moving it to next year. Others are reducing the guest size and keeping their date. So what should YOU do? I will try to answer that below:

  1. Be Flexible in Choosing a New Date – with newly engaged couples this year picking dates for 2021, it is smart to select a Friday or Sunday. You will have a better selection and many times the reception sites will order a lower price for those days.
  2. Reduce the guest list – if you were considering a large wedding, look over those guests and only pick family members, close friends and a few coworkers who you like. Many sites have reduced their capacity for social distancing, so you might need to be prepared for that.
  3. Make Following State Guidelines Fun – create customized masks with couple’s names or faces or colors for guests. Then have them available at checkin up front. After reviewing state guidelines, you can advise guests that masks are MANDATORY or simply highly suggested.
  4. Read the CONTRACT – many vendors have a NO REFUNDS policy, while others specify what conditions they will refund money and how much. The majority of vendors will allow you to reschedule to a new date if they are available. Ask what their policy is if the state shuts down reception halls before your date.

But the MOST important thing to remember is that getting married to your partner is why you are doing this. Whether you have the dream wedding or not, you can rejoice in the joy of becoming a couple. Don’t sweat the small stuff and make the best of whatever comes your way.