Rent Your Dress for the Wedding

Have you wondered how you can afford to buy several new dresses for all those weddings that you have to attend in the coming year? Or were your bridesmaids complaining about having to spend too much on their dresses for YOUR wedding?

Well, now you have an option to buying from those expensive stores. Try RENTING those fancy clothes online! There are 3 sites that have a huge inventory of diverse styles in sizes 0-22 and can ship immediately. Here they are for your review:

  1. Rent the Runway ( – the biggest and first site that offers thousands of styles available for quick shipments.
  2. Armoire ( – a newer addition to the rental market, providing the latest styles that most women want, not the hottest trends that will go away next season.
  3. Ms Collection ( – another trendy site that gives you a myriad of choices in a range of prices and styles.

Next time, I will discuss the options for MEN – whether you are a groom, usher or just need a new outfit for that next wedding.